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02/22/2014. Read this poem when I was young, maybe about 14 years old. Still remember it untill now... Still wonder if the author was a teacher at one time...

Người đưa đò chở khách sang sông
Khách sẽ đi đâu...
... Người đưa đò không cần biết đến
Cũng như khách, vô tình quên cả bến
Một lời cảm ơn lòng lại nhẹ tênh tênh

Người đưa đò, bao năm tháng vẫn trôi hoài trên sông nước
Hiểu dòng sông, nhưng chẳng hiểu khách sang sông
Ôi mênh mông
Mênh mông là niềm vui vô tận
Khách đi rồi, lòng chẳng bận bâng khuâng

02/21/2014. Awake!

09/08/2011. Another grid's vulnerability. The failure of a single piece of equipment in Yuma, Ariz, triggered a massive blackout which left more than 4 million people without power, after a cascaded failue across southern Arizona and into California and northern Mexico. That remindes us a serious black out in Italy, 2003 that affected a total of 56 million people. Almost all of Italy was out of power for 12 hours. And the initial cause is the power line which supplied electricity to Italy from Switzerland was damaged by storms.

We are the slave of our own aspirations.

Complex network is not new; however, complex network in communication networks is emerging. How long will this topic being hot?

06/12/2011: The third version of my academic homepage is up!

Some Paintings

Will be uploaded soon...

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