Research Interests

My research interests span the optimization and algorithmic mathematics underpinnings of Network Security and Vulnerability, Complex Networks Analysis, and Network-based Data Mining. The networks studied in my research works are various, including communication networks, online social networks, wireless sensor networks, biological networks, and smart grids. I analyze and apply these optimization models and algorithms to many application domains: (a) security in smart grids such as load distribution attacks and cascading failures, security in social networks such as limiting misinformation, security in communication networks such as DDoS attacks; (b) information diffusion and propagation in social networks; (c) fault-tolerant routing protocols in mobile networks; (d) coverage and cloud phenomenon detection in sensor networks, and (e) structural analysis of modern complex systems, including interdependent infrastructures.

For a quick glance on my research work, the following wordle (built out of the contents of my papers) says a thousands words.
For more information, please visit my research lab: Optima Network Science

Funded Research Projects

FC2 2017-2018, Resilient Smart Grid Control for Load Switching Cyber Attacks, (collaborate with Z. Miao)

NSRI 2016-2017, Identification of Critical Monitoring Nodes in SCADA Network, (sole PI)

FC2 2016-2017, Nonlinear Model-Based Cyber Attack-Resilient Smart Grid Control, (collaborate with Z. Miao)

NSF 2015-2018, EARS: Collaborative Research: Laying the Foundations of Social Network-Aware Cellular Device-to-Device Communications, (collaborate with W. Saad and Z. Han)

NSF 2014-2017, Collaborative Research: RIPS Type 2: Vulnerability Assessment and Resilient Design of Interdependent Infrastructures, (Lead PI: Thai, co-PI: V. Boginski, Y. Yin, C. McCarty, A. Sarwat)

NSF 2014-2017, CCF: Modeling and Dynamic Analyzing for Multiplex Social Networks, (sole PI)

DTRA 2014-2019, Interdependent Network Responses to WMD: Dynamics Modeling, Impact Analysis, and Adaptive Control Techniques, (PI: Thai, co-PI: D. Wu)

NSRI 2014-2015, Efficient Protection Schemes towards Load-Redistribution Attacks, (sole PI)

DTRA 2010-2015, Mathematical Approaches to WMD Defense and Vulnerability Assessments on Dynamic Networks (co-PI with C. Smith and P. Pardalos)

DTRA 2009-2014, YIP: C-WMD: Models, Complexity, and Algorithms in Complex Dynamic Evolving Networks (sole PI)

NSF 2010-2015, CAREER: Optimization Models and Approximation Algorithms for Network Vulnerability and Adaptability (sole PI)

ETRI 2013-2014, Efficient DPI Methods in SCADA Smart Grid System (sole PI)

NSF 2010-2015, Sequencing Gators: Building a Genome Science Curriculum at the University of Florida and Beyond (co-PI with E. Triplett, V. Crecy, and T. Kahveci)

NSF 2008-2010, A New Approach for Identifying DoS Attackers Based on Group Testing Techniques (sole PI)

Room 550, CSE Building - University of Florida - Gainesville, FL 32611