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Current Students

Lan Nguyen (Ph.D., joined since Spring 2017)

Victoria Crawford (Ph.D., joined since Spring 2017)

J. David Smith (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2015)

Tianyi Pan (Ph.D., joined since Spring 2015)

Xiang Li (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2014)

Alan Kuhnle (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2013)

Huiling Zhang (Ph.D., joined since Fall 2013)

Former Students

Md Abdul Alim (Ph.D., Dec 2016). Optym

Subhankar Mishra (Ph.D., July 2016). Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Dzung T. Nguyen (Ph.D., July 2013). Microsoft

Nam Nguyen (Ph.D., March 2013). Towson University

Yilin Shen (Ph.D., March 2013). Samsung Research

Thang N. Dinh (Ph.D., March 2013). Virginia Commonwealth University

Bo Li (Ph.D., Summer 2012, co-advice with Ye Xia). Microsoft

Ying Xuan (Ph.D., Fall 2011). IBM Research

Ravi Tiwari (Ph.D., June 2010). eBay

Incheol Shin (Ph.D., May 2010). Mokpo National University, Korea

Yu-Song Syu (M.S., June 2012)

Ning Zhang (M.S., 2008). NEC Labs

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