CIS 6930: Approximation Algorithms
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08/24--28 Introduction M. T. Thai
09/01--08 PCP Theorem, MAX-E3SAT M. T. Thai
09/08--10/13 Hardness of Approximation: Gap-producing reduction, Gap-preserving reduction and several examples.

Presented by students: Max-k-Function, Vertex Cover and Steiner Tree, Set Cover

M. T. Thai, T. N. Dinh, N. Nguyen, and Y. Xuan
10/13--20 U. Feige, A Threshold of $\ln n$ for Approximating Set Cover, J. of the ACM, 45(4):634-652, 1998. [Slides] R. Tiwari
10/22--27 F. Chataigner, L. Salgado, and Y. Wakabayashi, Approximation and Inaproximability Resuts on Balanced Connected Partitions of Graphs, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, (9):177-192, 2007 [Slides] Y. Shen
10/29--11/03 S. Chawla, R. Krauthgamer, R. Kumar, Y. Rabani, and D. Sivakumar. On
the hardness of approximating multicut and sparsest-cut.
Complexity, 15(2):94-114, 2006.[Slides]
D. Nguyen
11/03--12/03 Expanders  

M. T. Thai


CIS 6930: PCPs and Inapproximablity