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AADMLSS City Stroll is an interactive game-like environment that uses culturally relevant cues, gestures, sounds and lyrics to teach students algebra. AADMLSS City Stroll consists of three individual components; Instruction, Practice and Assessment. Each component has a specific purpose that leads to the next component.

The Instruction component engages the student in interactive, game-like lessons on algebra concepts situated in familiar surroundings.

The Practice component reinforces the Instruction component by providing one on one tutoring with an animated tutor using speech. The naturally interactive tutoring is modeled after human to human tutoring.

The Assessment component assesses the student's comprehension of the algebra concepts using basic testing strategies that would appear on a standardized test. Combining gaming technologies with artificial intelligence is providing a unique multimedia learning experience for students to learn Algebra. Currently, AADMLSS City Stroll is under going a pilot study at an inner city high school in the Midwest.