Dihong Gong
University of Florida
Data Science Research Lab
Department of Computer Science
412 Newell Drive, Room 457
Gainesville, FL 32611
Email: gongd (at) ufl (dot) edu

I received my Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida (advised by Dr. Daisy Zhe Wang). Currently, I am a research scientist at Tencent AI Lab, with focus on computer vision.

Peer Reviews


  1. Multimodal Knowledge Extraction
    Dihong Gong, Daisy Zhe Wang (supervisor)
    Primary Ph.D. research topic.
    May 2015 - Present

    We consider the problem of extracting instances of both text categories (e.g. persons, cities) and image categories (e.g. vehicles) from an open domain. Our goal is to design efficient and scalable algorithms to utilize text and image information and extract knowledge from the multimodal web contents. Such algorithms include: multimodal graphical models, deep learning fusion models, multimodal rules, and sparse logistic regression models based on Skip-Gram models for word-to-vec embeddings. Extensive experimental evaluations based on large-scale real-world web knowledge mining shows that our approach can achieve good improvement over the state-of-the-art algorithms. More info: Blog1, Blog2.

  2.  Computer Vision
    Dihong Gong, Zhifeng Li (supervisor)
    Research Assistant at Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Aug 2011 - Dec 2011

    Research topics include face recognition (cross-modality, age-invariant, video-based), and image-based human age estimation. It involves the development and application of many important machine learning concepts including: adaptive feature extraction, subspace learning, kernel methods, ensemble methods, Gaussian Process, variational inference, graphical models, deep learning, etc.

  3.  Tencent Internship (Shenzhen, China)
    Dihong Gong, Zhifeng Li (supervisor)
    Research Scientist Intern at Tencent AI Lab
    Jan 2018

    Face detection and recognition, optical character recognition.

  4.  Google Internship (Mountain View, US)
    Dihong Gong, Na Tang (supervisor)
    Tech Intern at Google Search
    May 2016 - Aug 2016

    Design and Implement a Parallel DocChart model to allow document annotators run in parallel within Goldmine system.

  5. NIST NEON Datascience Evaluation
    Jan 2017 - Present

    This project aims at developing a NIST data science contest for plant identification with Neon remote sensing data. In this project, I am responsible for defining the evaluation metrics as well as baseline algorithms for three different tasks, and coordinating implementation of baseline algorithms and development of automatic evaluation system. More info: Website, Github.

  6. Deep Neural Networks OpenCL Implementations
    Dihong Gong, Siva Prasad and Siliang Xia
    Work is released under BSD license.
    Sep 2014 - Nov 2015

    The objective of this project is to develop a device independent visual designer for deep learning neural networks -- You design your networks with our GUI tools, and we generate codes for you to run on a wide range of devices including GPU and CPU from different vendors (e.g. Intel, AMD and Nvidia). To allow device-independent implementation, we write the system with C++ and OpenCL languages. Our system is designed to support a wide range of deep learning algorithms such as convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, deep Boltzmann machines, etc. With scalability in mind, our codes are carefully designed for optimized performance.

  7. NIST Pre-Pilot Datascience Evaluation
    Dihong Gong, Daisy Zhe Wang
    Sep 2015 - Jan 2016

    We participated in the Pre-pilot data science evaluation organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the primary goal of which is to develop and exercise the evaluation process in the context of data science. The evaluation consists of four tasks including data cleaning, data alignment, forecasting and prediction. Our DSR lab has participated the data cleaning and traffic event prediction tasks, and submitted several running systems (most of which are based on student projects in our data science class) of different algorithms and configurations. More info: Blog1.

  8. Biological Networks Learning
    Dihong Gong, Ahmet Ay, Tamer Kahveci (supervisor)
    Research Assistant at Bioinformatics Lab, University of Florida
    Mar 2014 - Sep 2014

    We proposed network-based classification model for cancer prediction using gene expression, and compare our model to other classification models such as support vector machines, naive bayes classifier, k nearest neighbors, C4.5 decision trees, random forest, etc. Additionally, we also proposed an efficient algorithm (D-Hiden) to find the hierarchy of the genes in dynamically evolving gene regulatory network topologies. I was reponsible for the implementation of all the algorithms, and conducting comparison evaluation.

  9. TTCN-3 Compiler Design and Implementation
    Dihong Gong, Guobin Chen, Sihai Zhang (supervisor)
    Undergraduate student at University of Science and Technology of China
    Oct 2009 - Feb 2011

    We designed an efficient compiler implementation framework for TTCN-3 programming language, and implemented TTCN-3 compiler that compiled TTCN-3 source codes into ASM codes. This work is from National innovation experiment program for college students of China, supported by National Ministry of Education of China with Grant 091035837.


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  22. "TTCN-3 Test Architecture based on Port-Oriented Design and Assembly Language Implementation",
    D. Gong, S. Zhang
    ASME International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling, 2012.

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